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#FoodJusticeFriday ?


You read that right! Hashtags or, you know, a pound sign with a word or phrase after it, allows you to search tweets related to a specific topic. Every day of the week already has its own hashtag. All the “social media noise,” “like-for-likes,” and “mindless scrolling” makes it really easy to feel overwhelmed. Messages get lost in all that clutter. But with the right strategy, messages end up in the best platform to amplify their reach.

#FoodJusticeFriday is my way to constantly keep the conversation around food justice going. Through the hashtag, I share my weekly reflections or highlights about inequalities in food systems. I invite you to reflect on your role in the food system, and every Friday, join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even in a personal journal.
I am thankful for the many people and organizations across the country that use #FoodJusticeFriday as an opportunity to share and prioritize their commitment to building a more just and equitable food system.

Read the “How-To Guide” for #FoodJusticeFriday here.


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