Food is never just food. It is part of the political, social, physical and psychological process to explain culture, society, and systems of power and oppression. Our food system encompasses everything from the farm to table and even food waste. I want to start conversations about what food is, it is power and the many meanings it has across gender, race, generation, borders and much more. We all experience and interact with our local, state and regional food system in different ways and in different level every day. As food systems practitioners, farmers, advocates, and eaters how we interact with the food systems tell stories of privilege, oppression, comfort, struggle, passion, and sadness. This is an ongoing workshop and online conversation and toolkit that invites you to use writing and reflective tools to tell your food system story.


Participants will identify tools to reclaim, write, document and showcase how they experience their food system and how their food systems shape them. So please go on, and share how #foodisneverjustfood for you.


Please email Vanessa to garci430@msu.edu to schedule a workshop or webinar for your organization. 

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