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Seeding Dominican Food Sovereignity

Inspired by Slow Food DC Share a Seed and endless conversations with Ysanet Batista and Dr. Saudi Garcia about what is my role as a diasporic Dominican to cultivate food sovereignty in my homeland of the Dominican Republic. I started a project sending seed packages to the Dominican Republic in 2022.


The pandemic and now economic recession are making clear the kind of inputs and resources needed to seed food sovereignty in my island nation that are not always available for the growers and their communities. Thanks to a generous donation from URI Cooperative Extension Free Seed Program  I was able to send over 12,000 seed packages to the Dominican Republic. I recognize that as a perfect model of food sovereignty, importing foreign seeds with a dependence of western and diaspora resources might be an assault on local foodways and create unhealthy viability concerns. But when I asked my Dominican community what they needed and what I could do to advance food sovereignty they all identified this as a gap I could fill. 


This year 12,000 hortalizas (vegetables) seed packages have been distributed to the following:



Barrio Alante

Asociación Dominicana de Investigadores de Tecnologías Agrícolas

Ministerio de Agricultura Oficina de Moca Provincia Espaillat


If you want to donate agricultural resources and/or support Dominican Food Sovereignty Initiatives please get in touch at

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